Raeesa Padia
May Allah Ta’ala grant the reader the best of both world’s and make the journey on this path easy and clear for you inshaAllah. Aameen. Receiving compliments constantly about our writings, knowledge, akhlaaq(character), appearance, etc can easily bring pride within oneself. It can take away the good intentions we initially had at the beginning and make us become proud of what we do or who we are. It would make us want to do things in future for fame and the compliments. Remember that it is Allah Ta’ala who is giving us the ability to think on such levels, it is Allah Ta’ala who is granting us such knowledge to speak at such levels, it is Allah Ta’ala who has blessed us with beautiful features. Nothing is done/achieved solely by ourselves.  Everything that happens is by the taqdeer of Allah Ta’ala, so when we receive compliments in future, let us include our creator The Most Merciful inshaAllah. We should always renew our intentions before, whist, and after doing a deed. By doing so it will ensue that pride doesn’t settle in our hearts so easily and make us oblivious of Allah Ta’ala’s ni’mats.  We should always be grateful and make Shukr for whatever special qualities we have been bestowed with and the most important gift to make Shukr for is the gift of Imaan. This humble servant of Allah Ta’ala hereby informs you that whatever this blog contains is what I have written Alhumdulillah though the help of Allah Ta’ala and my shaikh Mufti Siraj Desai.